We, as staff in Eradica (Guardians of the server) are community protectors and mentors who moderate the chat and ensure that our rules are followed by members of the community. They should be the ones that players first refer to if they need assistance with any situations. Guardians are be friendly, helpful, reliable, communicative, trustworthy and patient. If any of the below rules are broken, the Guardians will not hesitate to take action.

There are 4 different punishments for breaking player rules: 

  • Warn 

  • Jail Time 

  • Temp ban (times vary depending on the severity of the crime) 

  • Permanent Ban  

^ This is the structure in order when dealing with individual cases.  

The Rank Guardian will oversee any rules been broken. It is important to contact them in any case. 

In certain sensitive areas of abuse, a permanent ban will be in place. These are inexcusable. 

Examples include but are not limited to: race, sexual orientation, age, religion or belief or any type of discrimination. 


Being respectful to others is mostly done by using common sense, characterized by or showing politeness or deference. Be nice! Treat other players with a sense of dignity.  

The structure above WILL be issued on all of the following rules: 

  • Do not lie to staff-members 

  • Do not steal. If you think you have found an abandoned or dead home/base, ask the staff to check before you take anything 

  • If players are conducting a trade, allow them to do so without a ridiculous outbid.  

  • If staff members are conducting their duties, allow them to do so without impeding.  

  • Pushing players who are trying to build in their town is a form of harassment. Standing in the way while they are trying to build something in their town is harassment as well.  

  • Begging for money/items is considered spam/harassment and you will be warned for it.  

  • Griefing of any kind won’t be tolerated.  

  • Advertisement of other MC servers is strictly not allowed. 

  • No cheating/hacking/exploiting of any kind. (use common sense) 

  • Scamming of players in auction e.g lying about an item for unfair gain or auction boosting. Scamming of players in other general aspects or trolling is prohibited. 

  • Impersonation of another player, just don’t. 

  • Alternative accounts are also not allowed. Same as a 1 player per account unless you tell staff about it first. 

  • No AFK machines 

  • No teleporting a player to your location to PVP without it being pre-arranged first.

  • No advertising cash transactions including: IRL money, buycraft items, IRL trades for server items. 

  • The distance between players towns must be 5 chunks. If players are in agreement to build beside each other, great! 

  • Auto farms are not to be used. Semi auto farms are fine. 

  • You will automatically be kicked if you are AFK for 30 minutes. 

Please note that spam follows heavy staff discretion as not all possible cases can be accounted for. 

Spamming includes but is not limited to the following:  

  1. Excessive use of repetitive characters  

  2. Excessive use of capital letters  

  3. 'Loud' or extremely distracting messages  

  4. There is a swear filter in place. Use it but please don’t abuse it. 




  • If someone has set home INSIDE of someone else's house without their permission, they need to remove it. If it is outside their house, it is fine (Unless they decide to use a chorus fruit to get in).  

  • If a player does not inform you whether they are okay with you setting a home, automatically assume they are not okay with it.  

  • If a player grants you permission to set a home, and then revokes that permission, you must remove it.  

  • If a player does not grant you permission to set a home, do not set home. 


Do not claim over world guarded areas, or the End. 

Any areas in which you cannot destroy/place blocks, are claimed by the server. If you claim over them, the claims will be forcefully removed without compensation.  

This includes the End, as players can monopolize it for farming the dragon. 



Limits (hoppers and otherwise) 

Players are not allowed to have more than 100 hoppers each, if you are found to have way more than this, upper staff will manually remove them and give them back to you.  



Name Change 

If you are about to change your name, contact a staff member before doing so, this is to make sure if anything is lost, that staff member can vouch for lost money. It is recommended if you own a town to put your money there or another trusted player/staff first before the name change. 


We want to help protect you as much as anyone. Use screenshots of any messages from staff in case you think there may be foul play and send to the hosts. If you feel you have not broken any rules, again try use screenshots or recorded video and send to the hosts of the server via discord. Otherwise, we as staff are all here to help guide you on your journey. Have fun!