Here you can find a list of the general commands we use in the Eradica server!

General commands:

/spawn - returns you to spawn

/warp resource – takes you to the portal to warp you into resource world

/warp towny – takes you to the portal to warp you into towny world

/warp crates – takes you to the crates section at spawn

/warp enchanting - takes you to where you can enchant your items and where you can repair your items using the anvil

/discord – brings up the link to the discord

/msg (player) - allows you to send a private message to another player. You can also use /whisper or /tell. You can use /r to reply, but it will only reply to the last person you got a message from

/helpop – sends a message to any online staff if you require assistance

/ignore (username) - if someone is bothering you, you can choose to ignore them and not see any messages they send

/tpa (player) - asks the player if you can teleport to them

/tpaccept - accepts a players tp request

/tpdeny - denies a players tp request

/tptoggle (player) - toggles if people or a specific player can teleport to you

/afk - indicates to everyone that you are away from your computer

/realname (player) - shows the username of this player

/sethome (name) – sets home set point

/home (home name) - teleports you back to your home

/delhome (home name) – deletes home set point


/bal - shows how much money you currently have

/baltop - see the balances of all players listed from most money to least

/pay (player) (amount) - pay people

/auc – takes you to the main auction menu where you can list an auction, bid on an item and claim an item you win

Ranked commands:

/craft – opens workbench (Clerk)

/seen (player) – allows you to check when a player was last online (Clerk)

/near (value) – checks if anyone is near you within the value range (Blessed)

/condense – condenses items into possible blocks (Vizier)

/ec - access your ender chest (Magister)

/trash – allows you to trash unwanted items in your inventory (Archduke)

/ptime – allows you to change the time (does not affect other players) (Squire)

/pweather – allows you to change the weather (does not affect other players) (Squire)

/nv – allows you to view darker areas brightly (Justicar)

/back - returns you to the place you previously were. (Knight) Most helpful if you die and need to get back to your items (Patriarch)

/pv (number) – access your personal vault (Consort)

/nick – changes your nickname (Imperitor)

/feed – replenishes food bar (Baron)

/hat – gives you access to hat vault (Royal Paladin)

/speed or /walkspeed or /fly speed – allows you to change the speed of walk, fly or both values (Kings Knight)

/fly – allows you to fly (High Marshal)

Job commands:

/jobs browse - view all available jobs

/jobs join (job name) - join a specific job

/jobs help - shows all commands for jobs

/jobs leave (job name) - leave a specific job

/jobs clearownership - clear ownership of furnaces, brewing stands etc 

Party commands:

/party info - Shows info about the current party

/party create - Creates a party

/party invite - Invites a player to the current party

/party accept - Accepts the incoming party invite, you will join the party

/party join - Request to join an already existing party

/party quit - Leaves the current party

/party chat - Provides a private chat that only party members can see/use

/party kick - Kicks a player from the party

/party leader - Used to pass on Ownership of party to player

MCMMO commands:

/mctop (skill) - Shows a list of players with the highest level of a certain skill or simply /mctop which lists players with highest mcmmo levels overall.

/mcstats - Shows a list of your mcmmo statistics, ordered by level

/mcsb keep - Toggles the current mcmmo scoreboard on

/mcsb clear - Removes the current mcmmo scoreboard off

/(skillname)- Shows info about that skill.  i.e mining, excavation, fishing, woodcutting, axes, swords, archery, repair, herbalism, unarmed, acrobatics, alchemy, taming, salvage, smelting)

If you think any errors or changes that need to be made with any of the above commands, please let us know via our discord.